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Nadeswara Trust Fund for Educational Development


Primary Objective of the Nadeswara Education Trust

To maintain fixed deposit accounts to earn interest to support the educational development of the “NADESWARA” through the operations of current, savings, and deposit accounts with State Banks and Private Banks in Sri Lanka. The income earned on the funds shall be distributed among J/Nadeswara College and J/Nadeswara Kanista Vidyalayam.

To carry out projects approved by Nadeswara College Old Students Associations – Canada & USA, other Old Students Associations, and other funding authorities in Nadeswara College, Nadeswara Kanista Vidyalayam, and any other KKS area schools falls under Nadeswara College.

Board of Trustees

There shall be three office bearers in the Board of Trustees, namely President, Secretary and Treasurer and one of the settlers will be the president or their successors shall be the president.

History of the Trust

On November 15, 2015, NCOSA Canada approved a plan to incorporate a trust to carry out its activities with other old students association in Kankesanthurai, Sri Lanka.

To facilitate NC OSA functions in KKS, Sri Lanka 

To manage NC OSA projects in KKS, Sri Lanka

To accumulate enough funds in deposit to generate monthly income to fund NC OSA Trust operations in KKS, Sri Lanka

On August 2, 2018, a trust was registered in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.


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